We have been specializing in the billiards industry since 1989, i’m North Hollywood, California; where the world’s most important film production takes place, in which billiards and a game of pool has been a staple of american cinema and culture.

Our storied 3 decades of experience started off by simply offering billiards services like repairs, moving, recovering, repair etc. Soon after the market demanded that we included an exclusive and original line of products, by doing so we achieved a wider array of service that caters to the different needs for our clients.

We started by distributing cloth, table parts; both for our individual jobs and to our colleagues and partners which gave us the confidence and opportunity to acquire our own products such as felt, accessories, billiards tables, and other table games, until we assembles a wide stock of inventory for our customers choosing.

Our mission is to mesh the glamor and excitement of hollywood with the notorious sport of billiards; and bring it to our clients; Offering our complete catalog of modern tables; sophisticated, classic, and designer models, accessible and reliable catering to your lifestyle.

Our vision is to deliver you with modern avant garde tables, accessories, and service. Constantly working on innovation and presentation of our products that pertain to our industry and exclusive market.

As a result our catalog of products and services are chosen carefully and we constantly evaluate to maintain quality that responds to the taste and necessity if the market, we count on our clients with family circles, billiard salons, restaurants, designers, sport shops, hang out spots, and film industry studios in hollywood and san fernando valley and all types of business.

Hollywood Billiards is operated by an exceptional and passionate team of experts and expirience professionals, each one with their respective role will offer you with the best experience and attentive service. We cordially invite you to unite to our select clientele and enjoy all our benefits.