We have served the billiards industry for 25 years and we want to offer your company our efficient, convenient service of receiving and installing tables in our warehouse for you to sell in Southern California.

We have a warehouse with equipment such as forklifts and pallets to load and store and skilled installers which are experienced and well versed in any circumstance; From receiving the load until the installation of the tables at the customer’s final location. We also offer intense and attentive customer support were we offer 24/7 chat, Calls and E-mail.

We have the capacity to do any number of customized services, and we will always provide a convenient option.

Our Services

We are open to try to match and out do any quotes from other installers, we wish to compete and bring competitive prices. You can reach us by giving us a call, writing an email, or you can immediately get an answer by IM or text.

We provide service to the majority of cities and districts within Southern California, You can send us a request to do a job by providing us with the following information:

  • Suggested or approximate date to perform services.
  • Address of the desired destination for the delivery and installation and any important details such as flight of stairs, elevators etc.
  • Available Information about the table, such as model, foot size etc.

Charges, Fees, quotes are negotiable and vary depending on consistency of jobs, we are open to accommodate your needs our team is well versed in this industry which is why we are contacted by elite top tier Billiards dealers. Their sophisticated and exclusive client trust our team with their billiards needs.